About Us

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SOTTPA was formed in 2015 by three Niagara businessman, who are truck and tractor pull enthusiasts.  All three of them had been involved in truck and tractor pulling for several years, and they recognized the need to encourage the sport at a grassroots level.  They also recognized that many of the local agricultural fairs were struggling to create a draw and to keep attendance figures at a scale that would ensure their viability.  During a time when many businesses felt economic pressures, most local fairs that were relying on corporate sponsorships found that these opportunities were no longer a viable way to fund their operations.   As such, this entrepreneurial group struck out to organize truck and tractor pulling events at local fairs and to re-introduce the sport to the local area, as a way to garner more interest in the local fair events and to foster interest in the sport of truck and tractor pulling.

Since 2015, SOTTPA has been growing its schedule each year.   We started with 1 event in 2016, and we hope to host 8 events in 2018, with several of these being 2 evening events.  Most of these events will be hosted in the Niagara Region, as well as in Haldimand and Norfolk Counties.

One of the key goals of SOTTPA is to make pulling a sport that anyone can enjoy!  Whether it be coming to watch your favourite modified truck or tractor, or trying your hand at pulling your stock gas or diesel pickup out on the track, or maybe dusting off the classic vintage tractor in the back shed and getting hooked, the goal is to continue garnering interest and participation in a sport with a rich heritage in the agricultural realm of North America.  SOTTPA offer several classes of pulling, from the entry level to the seasoned modified trucks and tractors.  There is a broad range of pulling vehicles to be experienced at our pulling events.

In the modified truck and tractor classes, SOTTPA recognized that this sport can easily become an expensive sport to participate in.  As such, the rules that were put in place for each class were designed to allow for relatively economical ways to increase the performance of the vehicles, and allow for participants to continue building their vehicles as they become more and more competitive.

Thank you for being interested in SOTTPA, and we hope to see you at one of our truck & tractor pull events very soon!